30 years from now

Someone said :

“30 years from now it won’t matter what shoes you wore, how your hair looked or what jeans you bought; what will matter is what you learned and how you used it.”

I say :

Dear dude sir,

I believe in living in the present. If wearing cool shoes, having good hair can make me happy today, then theres nothing like it !

What is the guarantee that we are even going to be alive after 30 years from now ? You’ve heard of things like Global Warming, Earthquakes and Tsunamis right ?

~ Live Like Theres No Tomorrow ~

Even if we make it through the future, I don’t want to remember myself as an aloof, raged up, anti-social teenage nerd with no friends at all.

In the future, whatever may happen, I will know it was due to the decisions that I took, so I’ll be happy. ( Please note : This sentence is plagiarised from Jab We Met. I completely stand by it even though things dont turn out that way in the movie. )

Today, I learnt that a carbonyl compund having an alpha hydroden atom can undergo aldol condensation to give an aplha-beta unsaturated carbonyl compound.

Heck, it’s soo going to help me after 30 years !

( P.S. – I Love Organic Chemistry !! :D I know this is opposite to the topic, but who cares ? I love Aldol Condensation too !! )


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