School Stuff

One week of School and it feels like an year already. *sigh* Four tests announced for the next week. I hope I can just float through it all :| My Math teacher hates me. I suck at Math. I’ve already missed one of his tests. Yesterday, he announced to the whole class that “Priya Prakash would sleep during the Math class throught the week”, if he did Calculus. Who would want to stay awake and write down pages and pages of notes that he gives. Why can’t everything be as simple as Chemistry or Biology ?? Blah.

Playing Volley Ball only with guys can be very embarrassing. The thing is, none of the other girls want to play and I just want to stay on the field the whole day! I have no other option so I join the guys. Now, the guys start talking very very ‘guyish things’. I don’t quite often get any of the “puns” they use. Gross!

Biology Class :

Teacher ( to all ) – Now, why do you think Darwinian views can be accepted over Lamarck ‘s views ?
An exceptionally intelligent student – Because the natural selection was….
Teacher – Exactly !! Right answer.

I’m sorry. Did I hear an answer or was that just a bunch of mixed up words ? :-o


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