Tests, PDA and Optics.

Its already the end of the month and here I am, with the second post of July. This has been one heck of a month. My exams start from the 12th August so had to catch up with all the pending work. I did. Schools been too monotonous. We’re having tests after tests. There are a new set of ‘rules’ at school now. To give you a clue, the principal gave us a lecture on “Public Display of Affection”. Itseems the students of 12th grade are getting ’emotionally distracted’ and this is affecting the studies. And oh, girls hugging girls is a bad thing, by the way. Enuf said!

My sister left to Texas on monday. I’ve now got a bigger room, a sony ericsson walkman phone, computer for 24*7 and even the bike. Guess what?! I don’t feel like it’s my room, I don’t even feel like looking at the free computer and I don’t feel like riding the bike either. Its like, you’ve waited so long for certain things and once you get ’em it doesn’t even matter. It doesn’t feel like you ever wanted it.

Oh, can anyone help me with this : “The power of a convex lens is 2 D. Find its power when dipped in water.”

P.S. – My Blogs crossed 10,000 hits!! Congratulations to meeeeeee!! ^_^