Finally, a Movie and some Fun.

I stepped into a theatre after one year today. Yes, I’m not someone who would watch a movie in a theatre when you can simply download it through torrents overnight. :D Humph. I’d promised Prarthana ( long long long time back ) that we would go watch a moviesomeday. We badly wanted to see Rock On. Maybe we would have been lucky if we’d been there 5 minutes earlier. We ended up sitting in a theatre (half empty one, at that) and saw Ranbir Kapoor snogging 3 chicks. I think I slept in the second half of the movie. :| Anyway, we had fun passing random comments on some really pathetic songs ( Luuuckyyy Booiii … ) and stupidity of the actors. :D

Then we went to McD and found 9th graders of our school with their respective partners. Pratty was like “What the Farady?!, NINTH gradersss?!!”. We had free Landmark coupons ( which we got from winning stupid competitions at school ), so we searched throughout Landmark not knowing what to buy. I bought a Laser Purple Maybelline Eye Pencil ( It looks so cute! I can’t wait to try it out! :P ). She wanted to buy a book with her 450 bucks which she didn’t.

It was raining when we came out of the mall. What a better way to make the day memorable!! :) We went to Coffee Day, fully drenched. There too, we passed comments on some horrible couples trying to do everything which one shouldn’t do in public places!! :D

We saw some really really good looking guys and classified them as cute, hot and cool :| ( Don’t laugh! We are teenagers! We have the rights! :D )

All in all, it was a fun filled day ( a much awaited one after the exams!! ). Yahooo!! :D


Exams and Excuses

Practicals done. Two theory exams done. I cant believe I cried in the lab for not getting the proper results in one experiment. Faraday! That never happens to me. I was totally down. Theory was freaky. Blah.

They should never give holidays in between exams. 3 days for chemistry was a disaster! The first day, I had a good excuse and all I did was watch TV, read blogs, listen to music and sleep. The second day was ‘ok’ sorts. My mind accepted the fact that there was only one day left and I could manage if I started in the evening after a good siesta. What happened on the third day? Sushil Kumar and Vijender Kumar put up an awesome performance at the Olympics. I was hooked on to the television the whole day, browsing every single news channel and smiling all along!

Then it occured to me that I’d got an exam the next day and suddenly panicked and took it all at once, skipped sleep, listened to Cobain and wrote down reactions 20 times each and still forgot the same ones in the exam.