Finally, a Movie and some Fun.

I stepped into a theatre after one year today. Yes, I’m not someone who would watch a movie in a theatre when you can simply download it through torrents overnight. :D Humph. I’d promised Prarthana ( long long long time back ) that we would go watch a moviesomeday. We badly wanted to see Rock On. Maybe we would have been lucky if we’d been there 5 minutes earlier. We ended up sitting in a theatre (half empty one, at that) and saw Ranbir Kapoor snogging 3 chicks. I think I slept in the second half of the movie. :| Anyway, we had fun passing random comments on some really pathetic songs ( Luuuckyyy Booiii … ) and stupidity of the actors. :D

Then we went to McD and found 9th graders of our school with their respective partners. Pratty was like “What the Farady?!, NINTH gradersss?!!”. We had free Landmark coupons ( which we got from winning stupid competitions at school ), so we searched throughout Landmark not knowing what to buy. I bought a Laser Purple Maybelline Eye Pencil ( It looks so cute! I can’t wait to try it out! :P ). She wanted to buy a book with her 450 bucks which she didn’t.

It was raining when we came out of the mall. What a better way to make the day memorable!! :) We went to Coffee Day, fully drenched. There too, we passed comments on some horrible couples trying to do everything which one shouldn’t do in public places!! :D

We saw some really really good looking guys and classified them as cute, hot and cool :| ( Don’t laugh! We are teenagers! We have the rights! :D )

All in all, it was a fun filled day ( a much awaited one after the exams!! ). Yahooo!! :D


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