School = Zoo ?!

Of late, school has turned out to be a domestic zoo. Apart from the regular chimps boys, there have been a lot of insects, rodents, reptiles, mammals and aves roaming around everywhere!

A squirrel got inside my bag once. Last week, a lizard crawled up the wall next to me! As I screamed ( just out of disgust, mind you ), I pushed my friend and made her fall down on the floor!! That lizard was so cautious, it went all the way up and stayed there for the next 2 hours. I was looking at it all the time during classes. It never moved. Don’t lizards get bored AT ALL?!

Like as if this wasn’t enough, some 3 bees kept on buzzing near us in the canteen! One among them was so huge. We were wondering if it was the queen bee ( yes, we do have boring conversations when we’re bored, duh! =| ). It wasn’t. Queen bees don’t fly around. They just sit on the bee hive and fertilize the eggs. Humph. So much for calling it a ‘queen’ bee. Whatever.

There are monkeys in the graveyard next to our school. They sit on the school compound and try to look out for victims, whom they can snatch food from. Apparently, monkeys are more intelligent than homosapiens. ( Source – EVOLUTION BY KORN ). They know exactly when the lunch break is. They are always near the canteen during that time! They chase the ‘lil kids ( and the big kids,  like, err…us ) away.

There were 2 cats in the canteen.  Now there are kittens. We saw them when they were like, a few days old, omg! Cutest ‘lil things ever!!

I don’t even know why I’m writing all this, but it feels like theres a lot more to school than just books, boards and benches. There are lizards, squirrels, mynas, cats, monkeys, wasps and bees too!!! *runs away chasing a butterfly*


I’m running…

………catch up with me, LIFE !!

Its very rare that I get to blog on fridays. Its very rare that I even get to come home this early on fridays. Everyday, I get up at 5.30 (ok, 6…), catch the van at 7, come home at 3.30, try to gulp all the food in a short time, hurry, hurry, run to the road, scream for an auto, go to tuts, spend the rest of he day there, get back only at around 8.30, or even 9. But today!! Classes suddenly got cancelled!! You know how it feels right?!

Today was a very fun day ( A-H-E-M ! ). We had medical checkup at school. It was so very weird. Turns out to be that I’m normal. In every sense. If only they could tell my mental state. None of us have been okay these days. How would you react if your friend messaged you at midnight saying she felt ‘dumped’ and ‘disgusted’ and ‘sad’ ? I wished that I could just run to her and cry along with her, ‘coz I felt the same way. Hmmmm. We all HAVE been working hard, they just don’t understand this! Yes, parents! They don’t know how it is. I feel they should just stop questioning us. Its really sad when it feels like they don’t trust you at all. Should there ALWAYS be an explanation for everything we do ?? They just don’t get it. Say what you want. Say things like, “They too have been at your stage once. They too felt the same pressure, they too experienced the same things.” To HELL with it! I don’t agree with this at all. I feel it was always different for them. They never grew in such an environment. They never had such things to deal with. Humph =|

My teachers are scared about things. Things like teenagers fagging, doping, trying to kill themselves and stuff. So we had to bear with an hour of shit about it in class. Its like the more we hear about the causes of all this, the more we can relate to it. I thought of writing something else today, but ended up with this. After everything thats happening in my life, this is all that could come out of me ! “All in all we’re just another brick in the wall……….”