Senior School Memories

I can now count the number of days left for school to end. Less than 20 days for the “official” end. Then there are just series of exams- 3 pre-boards and finally the big this-decides-your-future-exam. Everyones started to scare me and stuff. “4 more months”, “are you preparing”, “no television, no phone calls, no computer” sort-of scaring. Whatever said and done, these 2 years have been one heck part of my life. All those realizatons-soul searching-reflections-depression-happiness-anxious-confusion sort-of years. They say we learn from everything everyday. Good or bad. Thats exactly what it was. Some things will be missed the most, some good times and happy memories =)

  • Running to canteen to have ice-cream between labs and classes.
  • Discussing comp teacher’s sense of dressing and the matching jewellery.
  • Boys singing “mama I’m coming home…” inbetween classes.
  • Birthday treats and embarrassing budday people in every class.
  • Pratty callin at 4 am in the morning to wake me up!!
  • Faraday !!
  • Waiting in the van stop at freezy 7 am and looking at hot guys jogging =P
  • Lab assistant’s ever-glowing fluorescent shirts !!
  • Our substitute math teacher’s american accent and her “you guys are driving me nuts!”.
  • Sitting in the corner seats in library and gooosssssiipppiiinngg !
  • Computer technician’s super-man belt !!
  • Madhu says “Pri has never bunked this year!” and I bunk the next day.
  • Singing “another brick in the wall” like drunkards inbetween classes…
  • Shourav and Yoga’s most famous “Chari-Dance”!!
  • Flirting with the canteen guy to get an extra topping on the ice-cream!!
  • Playing VB with the guys. Listening to all the “guy talk”.
  • Talking about the princi’s changing hair colour !!
  • Grand steps. View to the BB court.
  • Guys enter the class stinking right after games. Count 5-4-3-2-1 and there comes the AXE odour !! It doesnt end there. The AXEsmell mixes with the sweat smell and creates a new “fragrance” (pun intended). Makes everyone (except the guys, ofcourse) throw up in their mouth.
  • We have a Pappu in our class and “pappu can’t dance sala!” =P
  • Having ideas about beating up the American-Indian guy everytime.
  • Hiding Kau’s bag and laughing our ass off seeing him search everywhere!!
  • Counseling sessions. “If I had a magic wand, what would I change in my world?” Duhhh !! =P
  • Counting the number of days left in the year month week.
  • Shruthi and Me singing Avril in the van every morning to piss off the guys =P
  • Discussing theTwilight Series every 10 minutes =)
  • Relating every ‘lil thing to F.R.I.E.N.D.S and hopping from episodes to episodes.
  • Passing random *unfair-mean* comments at juniors in the assembly.
  • Teacher’s Day!! Children’s Day!!
  • Clicking pictures of every ‘lil thing around! Posing with insane freaky faces!
  • Guessing the wrong salt during salt analysis and repeating the whole expt 2-3 times *curse*
  • Making random caricatures on the desk esp. of some teacher/boy/girl *no names, ahem*
  • SMS attack on Anand in physics class !! =P
  • War of the songs before 1.45 pm. Who plays the best worst songs loudest.
  • Ankii !! She askin Qs every 3 mins in class and everything !!
  • Teasing Am and Pu for wrapping even the tiniest of their books!
  • Batni worssttttessttt (but funny =P) PJs.
  • Zee Boyzz shouting “Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy” durin fests and hi-fi days!
  • “I’m through with standing in line to clubs I’ll never get in”
  • Shouting all the wrong answers in chem class and still feelin good about it.
  • Cursing the eng teacher for swallowing all the words and making eng the most boring part of the day.
  • Getting wet in the rain and running towards the canteen for hot bajjis (and ice-candies!!)
  • Swati beat “he-who-must-not-be-named” in the finals by 1 mark!!
  • Making up all the values in the physics lab and gettin outta there asap !!
  • Sindhu singin “tandoori nightss” and us runnin behin to kick her bhatt !!
  • Corner Houseee !! Makin records of having eaten DBC and HCF the maximum no. of times !!
  • Gossip sessions at CCD =P
  • One day, Pratty and me bunked school and went shoppin !! In the rain !!
  • Ankit callin to ask if I’ve studied for the test; he changing phones like, every month!
  • Poorna’s weird-witty one-liners !! =P
  • Scribbling “Vander’s Wall” on all the walls in class.
  • “Screw school. I’m going to Hogwarts”
  • Always wanting to get inside the graveyard next to school.
  • Who’s with Who topics. Enuf said !!
  • Visits to lake behind school !! Findin out that the guys had peed in it once upon a time.
  • “You attend Gopal Iyer’s tuts in the morning, ACE after school, BASE every weekends and FIIT-JEE during nights??” =O “Oh! You’ve taken up BRILLIANTS correspondance as well??” =O
  • “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
  • Making lists like “places to visit after exams”, “movies to watch after exams”, “books to read after exams”. Never having accomplished one. Ok, maybe a few, atmost.
  • Finding rat’s poop in the basement while escaping from Pacchu once !!
  • He shoutin “you ICSE gaaals have lots of attitudee, I say!!”.
  • RKM embarrassing us in his classes. “Priya sleeps in my class. She got Prarthanised!” Oh, also, “Priya divided by Priya won’t give you Priya”.
  • “Effects of various types of anti-biotics on the growth of certain microbes present in milk” (gulp!)
  • Frog, Fish, Earthworm dissection. Viewin a complete different world under the microscope in the Bio lab. Fascinating!
  • The lab ass tryin to flirt with every girl. “I will give you a louuuley coloured salt!!” !!
  • Calling Anusha “Miss Jhamkhandi” on purpose to see her fume !!
  • Passing by some ultra cute junior boys in the corridors =P
  • Vivum ’08 – TISB – Treasure Hunt team, Comedy Inc with Shourav!! Remember Penguin?! =)
  • Mr. Robot, Mr. Dance, Mr. Fidgety, Mr. Drunk, Mr. Loner, Mr. Huh?, Mr. OMG, Mr. Attitude, Mr. Weird, Mr. Blank face, Mr. Scary eyes, all in one class.
  • Finding a whole bunch of junior girls in the loo trying to set their hair, apply lotions, lip glosses, oh-what-not in front of the mirrors!
  • Intuition. Madhu n I want to hog at the same time. We get down frm the bus. Run towards MTR.
  • “This is un-faiirr!! Commerce students get all the freedom!! Science gets 1 games class in a week!! We’re never left free. We never get to play”. Thus, play in class, ruin the school furniture, not our fault!!
  • Wonder La Trip !! Scary Head-Banging in zee van !!
  • Hot Hands!! ( it’s a game, duh!! )
  • Entertainment in forms of various coloured hair clips and ear-rings =P
  • Edward Cullen !! Since 1901, stupid, shiny volvo owner =)
  • Class 12 Farewell on Valentines Day ??!!! Yeeeeaah !!

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