So schools closed tomorrow. I thought tomorrow would be like an awesome day and stuff. It was supposed to be the last day of school. We were supposed to make a class video and take loadsa photos!

Now, I’m just too bored. And kinda pissed too. Been watching the television since evening. Seeing the same stuff again and again. Getting really sick of all thats happening in our country and not being able to react properly. Already read 4 serious posts about them around the blogosphere.

Other than that, I fought with my sis on gtalk. Yeah, like, after an year, we’re fighting again! This time through the internet. How lame is that.

Some 100 people are messaging the same thing (“no skl tom”) at the same time, so thats annoying too.

I’m so bored, I’m actually messaging my dad who’s on the ground floor right now. Yeah, we do that. Mesg each other in the same house. Its actually fun but gets irritating when he starts sayin stuff like “go study”, “get offline”, “do something productive”, “tun off the music”. So I just ignore him =|

Its freakin freezing!! My rooms the coolest (literally) part of the house right now. Its been raining continuously. Like, for 2 days. It’s really nice in school. This atmosphere. Drizzle and all.

Been watching a lot of movies lately. Watched “Raise Your Voice” yesterday and “10 Things I hate about You” today (Heath Ledger is really awesome in the movie!). Both on youtube. I like the new wider video screen in there now. Planning to watch another one tomorrow. Well…

Pre-boards start from 5th Dec. I’m soo screwed. Someone said the other day, that these exams are conducted so that we make all the mistakes now rather than in the Boards. Makes a lot of sense.

Half of my class is online right now! Thats like a record ‘coz, they’re usually working out JEE problems from some unknown big book.

A lot of random other things are on my mind, but I’ll just stop now.

P.S. – My blogs nominated for the most beautiful header category in the Avant Garde Bloggies Awards. ( Thank You Sandeep for nominating me !! ) So vote if you like my header. Here =)


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