Rain and the City.

Its raining as I write this. Its aweeeeeeesome! Its also thundering and lightning and all that. One thing good about this season. It sucks away all the life from you during afternoons and returns it back through rain in the night.

I’m romaing around the city now a days. Had been to Indiranagar for an entrance exam yesterday. Very nice place. I’d also been to food street with my dad 2 days back. After hearing a lot about the place, we finally decided to check it out. Pretty decent but kindda a turn off. I don’t know in what sense. Maybe its because we ought to have good appetite to enjoy such places. Or whatever.

I’m spending a lot of tme with my dad these days. Maybe its coz I’ve never really had a chance to be with him during my childhood. It always used to be mom, sis and me. Now that he’s back in Bangalore and sis is outside, I get to do all the things with him. I also went for a morning walk with him one day. Yes, only one day. I couldn’t survive even 20 minutes of it. I was flat dead by the end of it!


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