Chennai Again

3 days back I told myself that I’m never going to log into wordpress again. Here I am thinking what all to say (there are so many things). Since I’ve been listening to this again and again from the past 2 hours, reading people’s tweets (thats the lamest thing one can do), viewing some awesome images on flickr and eating little pieces of cream and onion lays, I’ve decided to post this! Yay?

I recently came to know that people ‘actually’ read my priceless junk. Sheesh.

Adam Lambert lost. Can you believe that?! Kris is so lame. His guitar playing on round 2 was dumb. Whats up with the Americans. Lol. Anyway, lot of other things happening too. I really feel like bashing up the people who’re making this show called “Paris Hilton’s BFF” or whatever on VH1. How sick is that? A reality show to find a best friend (for life)? Yuck.

Had been to Chennai for 3 days. Twas fun, yes. But the heat!! Its so freakin humid out there. And its been raining forever in Bnagalore! So yes, Prarthana’s grandmom is like really sweet. She let me stay at her place and all. Pratty and I went shopping, went to the beach, met this guy (he made a fool out of himself btw =P), shopped again, and again, and hogged a lot. The bus rates are so cheap there! My jaw dropped when I heard I could travel 5 kms for just 2 bucks. Anyway, it was a wonderful experience. I learnt a lot of things. I’m thankful to everything and everyone.


this and that.

I *hate* expectations. And presumptions.

“You studied in the central board. Its easy for you.”

“You did well in XYZ. I know you will do well in ABC also.”

“You should have taken up biology more seriously. It was easy.”

“You studied in PQR school!! You CAN be confident.”

“Your cousin got a decent rank. So can you.”

“..Then how come he did well?”

Why can’t people just let us be? I mean, how does it matter ultimately? It only lowers the self esteem. It is more saddening to see theirexpectations crash.