Power Saving

Its 8 pm, official time for dinner. I go downstairs to hog whatever there is so that I can get back to my flickering/ tweeting/ reading/ listening to motherjane/ downloading bootleg/ etcetera.

The lights are swicthed on in mom’s room, a very sick south indian is hosting a sick-er singing show on television (which my mom watches, apparently).

I get to the dinner table where my parents are waiting for me, ready to start.

I start yelling: “The TV is switched on, all the lights in your room are swicthed on, have you guys heard anything called as power saving at all?!!!”

They both keep their chill. My dad turns to me and asks:

“Did you shut down the comp before coming down? Are the lights/ fan in your room swicthed off?”

My dad is a very clever man.


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