To plan or not to plan?

I asked this question on twitter and was surprised to get so many replies.

#Q – Is it better to plan your future or just let things “happen” and stay happy?

@dineshbabu – Your future already gets planned by what you do today, so just focus on what you are doing today.

@aarthycrazy – It not a Q of whats better. Its more a Q of who you are? I myself love life as it happens. It always thinks of sumthing to surprise U =)

@airr – I used to plan and even have backup plans …. now I have given up on planning.

@sneezymelon – The latter. Anyday.

@funthusia – Well that’s like sayng whether it’s better to know ur husband before marriage or (marry anyone) & just let things ‘happen’ & stayhappy.

@primaveron – I guess it’s good to plan ur future, but sometimes plans may change, and you shud be okay with it =)

@parambir – After 6 months of effort in planning my life, I found that my earlier approach of letting things happen was a better one!


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