City Market Experience

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.”

I understood what that means when I visited the Bangalore City Market today.

I left house at 9 in the morning and headed towards K.R. Market [the Bangalore City Market]. There are lots of direct buses to the place and it was not at all difficult in terms of travelling. I had to meet Joel there by 9.40 for a TOI project [yeah..whatever, chuck]. I reached there before him and was waiting, while lots of freaky things happened around me. One advice to you- if you are coming to Bangalore, don’t ever visit this place just for the ‘heck of it’. Unless you are haunting for some good deep Indian portraits [or if you want to buy 10 gerberas for just 2 bucks]. We walked towards the flower market and shot everything on the way. I realized that street photography is not my thing AT ALL. Out of 84 shots that I took, I think not even 2 of them came close to me liking it..

The inside of the city market is hell lot of spooky. But people [mostly traders] there are real friendly and will show you around. There were a group of kids who were so excited when they saw us with cameras. They made us shoot them with their mom, dad, aunts and uncles and everyone :-\ There was SO much activity inside the place that we were just lost. There were pots, vegetables, fruits, bags, spices, flowers, coconuts, seeds, etc. They sell all this in whole sale and this is the main place from where the other shop keepers from all over the city buy stuff from. So you-get-the-idea.

We wanted to go to the “rose market” from there but found out that it closes before 9 am. So we walked all the way on the fly over [it was exhausting] and took city shots from the high view. Ofcourse, I ended up with only lamp posts on the fly over [I find them really fascinating even now..]. We walked around 4 kms only on the fly over. What kind of a sane person does that?? But twas fun, I admit! We could see a lot of activity happening in the market from the fly over.

I’ve started to understand what some things in life mean. My father is right- “the more you travel, the more you learn”. And its not just about us. Its about the place we live in, the kind of people there are, the kind of lives they live, the activity that happens around the city, the conditions that you get exposed to… The “rush of life” that you experience when you visit such places is really something. You realize that its not just about the malls and the multiplexes. There is something more to it all.


i keep making lists.

It seems so long that I’ve logged into WP. There are 101 things that must be done in my life and I’ve not even started with the first thing. Anyway.

The Lalbagh Photo Walk went pretty well. I seriously cannot describe everything so you can view the shots and read the report here. I learnt a lot of things from BPW- never under estimate your camera [even if it is 6 MP point & shoot], cloudy days are not good for nature shoots, I need to talk less [and not make a fool of myself by talking without thinking], a lot of things that I thought were a #fail were actually #NOT, never be on time coz no one is :-\

It has been so breezy in Bangalore from the last 3- 4 days. Doors keep banging and curtains keep swaying all the time. My iPod is dead from when has taken over all sorts of music links. My room needs to be cleaned big time. School books need to be thrown given away. Books need to be returned to the library. More files to be organised. Testimonials to be written for some sweet people :-) New set of clothes need to be bought for college [yay]. And etcetera.  And etcetera. So now I’ll just go back to making more lists of “what needs to be done” and and then make more lists :-P


Life has been eventful now a days. Finally.

Went for my 2nd #bangaloretweetup yesterday at Corner House. It was actually a #DBCtweet up. It was the first time I could actually finish one whole Death By Chocolate by myself! Met @hnp, @9_6 and @dkris. These guys are real nice and friendly. We roamed around the Brigade road area. Had long talks about everything on the way back home. This was much better than my 1st tweetup where people talked about ‘why engineering sucks’ and all =\

Other than the tweetups, I’ve been roaming around everywhere with my brother. It is so much fun, really. He has holidays too. He took me to his college and people started ‘staring’ and he was like, “my sister!!”. Haha =P

Saw  “Hangover” with 2 of my friends. Its a real fun movie! I’m actually very glad that school’s over. I don’t miss it at all to be honest. I don’t want to get up at 6 every morning, wait at the bus stop, mug equations, be frowned at, suck up to the pathetic rules our school had and all that.

There is going to be a “Lal Bagh Photo Walk” this week end. I’m hoping it will be a success ‘coz Natesh and I are the ones who are organising it. I have no clue how to proceed, but I’m learning slowly. The whole point of this group was that the existing ones are designed for “almost professional” photographers with fancy DSLRs. We felt like we were left out. We still have so much to learn. So I’m hoping this will start off with positiveness for the amateurs. and powercuts making my holiday

It gets better everytime! To give you a clue, I’m talking about music. So whats new? @hnprashanth gifted me a subscription! That means I can listen to non-stop, personalised radio! I also get ad-free browsing and streaming & listen to stations of music I’ve loved/tagged. I’m loving it so far!

My account was created a long time back [when I was on blogger, used yahoo messenger and orkut :-\]. You can check it outhere.

Hot stuff on my playlist: Deep Purple, Lifehouse, Junkyard Groove [11:11 bootleg is out for free download, go get it!], Goo Goo Dolls [there is more to them than Iris, if thats the only track you’ve heard] and a ‘lil bit of others.

So seems like north India has cooled down atlast. I’m getting to see pictures of rain everywhere. Thats good. The weather down here in Bangalore is pleasant [as always] but the only biggest annoying thing are the power cuts. Whats worse is that they don’t cut it on one go, like for a few hours continuously. They cut it every 5- 20 minutes and just when you feel happy that its back, puff! It goes again. In the meantime, I get completely lost and fidgety and act drunk trying to throw things at my poor grandma :-|

Give me some suggestions as to what I can do during the power cuts? Please don’t say “read” coz I have already read 4 books by Sheldon and am currently reading “A Thousand Splendid Suns” [I simply can’t get to finish this, it is too sad and too plain. Not my type]. My mom thinks learning to cook is a good idea. I do not want to chop vegetables, mix spices and fry them till they get brown/black/whatever!!! Holidays get worse with power cuts. Humph.