and powercuts making my holiday

It gets better everytime! To give you a clue, I’m talking about music. So whats new? @hnprashanth gifted me a subscription! That means I can listen to non-stop, personalised radio! I also get ad-free browsing and streaming & listen to stations of music I’ve loved/tagged. I’m loving it so far!

My account was created a long time back [when I was on blogger, used yahoo messenger and orkut :-\]. You can check it outhere.

Hot stuff on my playlist: Deep Purple, Lifehouse, Junkyard Groove [11:11 bootleg is out for free download, go get it!], Goo Goo Dolls [there is more to them than Iris, if thats the only track you’ve heard] and a ‘lil bit of others.

So seems like north India has cooled down atlast. I’m getting to see pictures of rain everywhere. Thats good. The weather down here in Bangalore is pleasant [as always] but the only biggest annoying thing are the power cuts. Whats worse is that they don’t cut it on one go, like for a few hours continuously. They cut it every 5- 20 minutes and just when you feel happy that its back, puff! It goes again. In the meantime, I get completely lost and fidgety and act drunk trying to throw things at my poor grandma :-|

Give me some suggestions as to what I can do during the power cuts? Please don’t say “read” coz I have already read 4 books by Sheldon and am currently reading “A Thousand Splendid Suns” [I simply can’t get to finish this, it is too sad and too plain. Not my type]. My mom thinks learning to cook is a good idea. I do not want to chop vegetables, mix spices and fry them till they get brown/black/whatever!!! Holidays get worse with power cuts. Humph.


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