Life has been eventful now a days. Finally.

Went for my 2nd #bangaloretweetup yesterday at Corner House. It was actually a #DBCtweet up. It was the first time I could actually finish one whole Death By Chocolate by myself! Met @hnp, @9_6 and @dkris. These guys are real nice and friendly. We roamed around the Brigade road area. Had long talks about everything on the way back home. This was much better than my 1st tweetup where people talked about ‘why engineering sucks’ and all =\

Other than the tweetups, I’ve been roaming around everywhere with my brother. It is so much fun, really. He has holidays too. He took me to his college and people started ‘staring’ and he was like, “my sister!!”. Haha =P

Saw  “Hangover” with 2 of my friends. Its a real fun movie! I’m actually very glad that school’s over. I don’t miss it at all to be honest. I don’t want to get up at 6 every morning, wait at the bus stop, mug equations, be frowned at, suck up to the pathetic rules our school had and all that.

There is going to be a “Lal Bagh Photo Walk” this week end. I’m hoping it will be a success ‘coz Natesh and I are the ones who are organising it. I have no clue how to proceed, but I’m learning slowly. The whole point of this group was that the existing ones are designed for “almost professional” photographers with fancy DSLRs. We felt like we were left out. We still have so much to learn. So I’m hoping this will start off with positiveness for the amateurs.


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