i keep making lists.

It seems so long that I’ve logged into WP. There are 101 things that must be done in my life and I’ve not even started with the first thing. Anyway.

The Lalbagh Photo Walk went pretty well. I seriously cannot describe everything so you can view the shots and read the report here. I learnt a lot of things from BPW- never under estimate your camera [even if it is 6 MP point & shoot], cloudy days are not good for nature shoots, I need to talk less [and not make a fool of myself by talking without thinking], a lot of things that I thought were a #fail were actually #NOT, never be on time coz no one is :-\

It has been so breezy in Bangalore from the last 3- 4 days. Doors keep banging and curtains keep swaying all the time. My iPod is dead from when last.fm has taken over all sorts of music links. My room needs to be cleaned big time. School books need to be thrown given away. Books need to be returned to the library. More files to be organised. Testimonials to be written for some sweet people :-) New set of clothes need to be bought for college [yay]. And etcetera.  And etcetera. So now I’ll just go back to making more lists of “what needs to be done” and and then make more lists :-P


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