after 4th day

College is half good and half bad. I get to sleep till 7 am everyday and still be able to make it there by 8. I am not going to WALK till college even if it is 1.5 kms away. Buh.

Classes started from day 1 itself. Tests, Exams and Quizzes dates were announced right in the 1st hour. 2 units are already completed by the end of the 4th day. And no, it is not as bad as it sounds. We get a lot of free time and “let offs”. Some of the teachers are really interesting and fun. There are google groups created by teachers for their subjects where they put up interactive links that help in learning the subjects. First day was weird as all the teachers started to scare us about attendence requirements, GPAs and stuff. The fact that I “actually” opened my “Engineering Mechanics” book on day 2 itself should say something. There are people from Bombay, Jharkhand, Mangalore, UP, and other places. They must have fun at the hostels. I feel like I live in a hostel too. The girls hostel is 2 mins from home :-P

I really hope we get to do something apart from studying too. I can’t believe we have “Environment Study”, “Constitution of India” and “Economics” as compulsary subjects. Eww.

Been catching up on the basic concepts and other things. Got no time for anything here. Haven’t even touched my camera. Got this sudden urge to post something on flickr. Tried out some layer experiments on PS with this picture.  Sorry for typing everything in half sentences. I think I’ve lost the ebullience to blog :-\


video photographs

It’s amazing how music can inspire us at so many levels. I’ve come across some really good songs with very creative videos and that has inspired me to a large extent. It makes me think about the composition, framing and abstractness. Some videos are so well made that when you look at them, you can cut them into 100+ different perfect frames. It is true that filming was invented after photography. Some of the songs that have really beautiful creative videos photographs that inspire [my favourites]-

  1. Apologize- OneRepublic  feat. Jay Z
  2. Hey There Delilah- Plain White T’s
  3. 21 Guns- Green Day
  4. My Immortal- Evanescence
  5. O Sanam- Lucky Ali
  6. Bad Day- Daniel Powter
  7. Waiting on the World to Change- John Mayer
  8. [Will add more as and when I stumble upon an inpiring video!]

Special Mentions by fellow tweeps-

@milcom_ – Return to Innocence- Enigma, High Hopes- Pink Floyd

@FagunB – House of Cards- Radiohead

@jk_singh – On a Day like Today- Bryan Adams

@airr – Would- Alice in Chains

@SohamMondal – Dooba Dooba- Silk Route

Do leave behind your favourite, most creative video names/links. Looking forward for some inspiration for photography =]

10 days.

Exact 10 days left for my college to start! And I’m all panicky now. I have no expectations what so ever. Ready to experience anything that life throws at me. After 2 years of hell, I now feel strong and confident.

College is 2 kms from home so its kind of an advantage and disadvantage for me. There are so many things to it. Can’t list them all. For one, I can get up every morning with a peaceful mind positive of making it to college on time! And this whole 4 years of college experience scares me a bit. For starters, this is going to be my first time at “college”. Not like a lot of my friends who were at the pre-university. Secondly, its a very reputed college, so will have to magane the pressure and stuff. That I have no problem with [+1, +2 has taught me enough].

So its the Independence Day tomorrow!! We are having a i-Day photo walk!! Some members of BPW will be celebrating the day with government school children somewhere on the out skirts of bangalore. The kids have a painting competition and all. We’re hoping to capture some portraits, indian-ness, past-present-future related theme photographs! Its all for having a good time, so looking forward to it!

I have so much more to write, but my wp link keeps breaking [as i’ve mentioned earlier] and i get frustrated at it. Hoping to keep this space updated in the coming years. I will not miss out on the fun engineering adventures on my priceless junk!