10 days.

Exact 10 days left for my college to start! And I’m all panicky now. I have no expectations what so ever. Ready to experience anything that life throws at me. After 2 years of hell, I now feel strong and confident.

College is 2 kms from home so its kind of an advantage and disadvantage for me. There are so many things to it. Can’t list them all. For one, I can get up every morning with a peaceful mind positive of making it to college on time! And this whole 4 years of college experience scares me a bit. For starters, this is going to be my first time at “college”. Not like a lot of my friends who were at the pre-university. Secondly, its a very reputed college, so will have to magane the pressure and stuff. That I have no problem with [+1, +2 has taught me enough].

So its the Independence Day tomorrow!! We are having a i-Day photo walk!! Some members of BPW will be celebrating the day with government school children somewhere on the out skirts of bangalore. The kids have a painting competition and all. We’re hoping to capture some portraits, indian-ness, past-present-future related theme photographs! Its all for having a good time, so looking forward to it!

I have so much more to write, but my wp link keeps breaking [as i’ve mentioned earlier] and i get frustrated at it. Hoping to keep this space updated in the coming years. I will not miss out on the fun engineering adventures on my priceless junk!


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