I just answered many research questionnaire’s about my self and my behaviour given to me by a a researcher from psychology department, who is doing her PhD on the topic “Blogging Improves Self-Identity”.

At first, I was really amazed at this whole idea. But come to think of it, it all really makes sense now. I was required to answer all weird questions, everything soo random. It somewhat got me thinking about myself in a way. For instance, there were questions based on my religious believes, my future plans, my role in the family, etc. I have never actually though tof these things in detail. I just know that I’m a daughter/sister/student/friend/blogger/dreamer/photographer/stupid girl. But never thought of the roles that I am and that I’ll beplaying in my future. As of now, I just know that I have a 4 day holiday and that I need to be preparing for the upcoming tests. Long term planning scares me.

I have never really talked about my Religious Believes or about my Political Principles and Ideals in public, with other people. These are the things that I am still learning and experiencing and so would always keep them personal. My Ideals is for ‘Me’ only and no body else could force such things on Me. I think it is the same with you all.


titration & logic gates

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We had an amazingly good chemistry lab today. Estimation of chloride ions in the given water sample. Took us less than 15 minutes to perform this titration as the silver nitrate standard solution was already given to us and we could directly start the analysis. Our lab hours is for 2 hours. We had 45 minutes + 30 minutes [of the lunch break] free time. Went out during that time, had pizza, spoke stuff and came back. Math was good too. I really pity the teacher who struggles to explain things to us and 70% of the class doesn’t even care. Mechanics is just too good. Nobody cares. Everybody minds their own work [messaging- though cell phones are banned, flirting- ahem, sleeping, talking, talking…].

I am really amazed at the fact that so many people on twitter are helping me with my assignments. Reema had clarified a few of my doubts 2 weeks back. Then Anvesh solved a problem that I’d put up on twitpic. Vivek gave me ideas about solving them. Ranjith explained to me almost everything that I needed to know about converting the logic gates to all NAND and NOR. Can’t be more thankful to these guys.