I just answered many research questionnaire’s about my self and my behaviour given to me by a a researcher from psychology department, who is doing her PhD on the topic “Blogging Improves Self-Identity”.

At first, I was really amazed at this whole idea. But come to think of it, it all really makes sense now. I was required to answer all weird questions, everything soo random. It somewhat got me thinking about myself in a way. For instance, there were questions based on my religious believes, my future plans, my role in the family, etc. I have never actually though tof these things in detail. I just know that I’m a daughter/sister/student/friend/blogger/dreamer/photographer/stupid girl. But never thought of the roles that I am and that I’ll beplaying in my future. As of now, I just know that I have a 4 day holiday and that I need to be preparing for the upcoming tests. Long term planning scares me.

I have never really talked about my Religious Believes or about my Political Principles and Ideals in public, with other people. These are the things that I am still learning and experiencing and so would always keep them personal. My Ideals is for ‘Me’ only and no body else could force such things on Me. I think it is the same with you all.


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