Internals, BPW, Twitter & 80$

Second internals done. It was very different from the first one. The new college nerdiness/seriousness factor seemed to have vanished from everyone and the college-is-actually-fun factor had conquored us all. Nobody really bothered to prepare from weeks back [like before] and ended up with last minute preparation. So the official college life has begun.
As I say this, I realize that the first semester is coming to an end within a month. Our final sem exams/quizzes/lab finals are going to happen in less than a month now. This has slowly started to freak me out [from this moment onwards] and its time to “switch back to the enough-with-the-fun-part-already”!!
B’lore Photo Walk kicked back to life today morning at 7:00. The aim was to capture the works of the BBMP artists all over the city. 12 people turned up for it, it was a quite experience. Later on, we moved to VV Puram for the annual temple fair.
It was a huge surprise for me when I read this tweet the day before my CS exam in the night. I was soo excited that I din’t even bother studying for it [though the exam din’t go that bad the next day]. My dad still thinks that the 4000 bucks is some spam thing like one of those “you’ve won a lottery” spams. Took me sometime to explain to him that this was for real and PayPal is the safest mode of money transactions on the web. Can’t thank @hnp more for helping me with the process. This whole twitter has revolutionized my life in a way. Tweetups, TEDx Bangalore, BPW news and more importantly getting to know many wonderfully talented people. The talk that we had after the TEDx Bangalore meet was quite something. I have come to realize that the biggest inspiration I get is from other people. Not even books, movies, whatnot can be more inspiring than the talk that you have with these folks. The kind of work they do, the way they think, the people that they are, making themselves out of nobody makes me believe in a lot of things.