first official accident

I met with an accident today morning while going to college. A maniac bus driver was driving at 80 km/hr speed. I was taking a turn [with the indicator ON, ahem] and he appeared out of nowhere. I applied breaks suddenly but couldn not control the 110 cc beast and feel with the bike on me. Passers stood there watching me trying to lift the vehicle off me but nobody came by to offer any help. Finally a nice lady helped me out. Everything went back to normal as I headed towards college. The pain in my leg started to show its presence after an hour. I couldn’t tolerate the pain and went back home.
I dared my grandmom to keep this a secret; thinking the pain would vanish by evening. BUT she HAD to let everyone [read parents] know. Dad examined the hurt area. Internal blood cloting has turned a part of my swollen leg blue in color. I was expecting him to yell at me for having ruined the brand new bike with scratches & for my carelessness, irresponsibility, recklessness, no-sense and such similar things.
He congratulated me for having experienced my first official road accident.
[for with it comes valuable life lessons]
[or so he thinks]

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