admist a mess

I just got up from sleep. Its 10:52 pm & I still need to START preparing for the comp quiz tomorrow. Theory AND lab. These quizzes are hell. They last for 15 minutes & get over even before we I realize that its begun. On top of this, we are being “tested” in the ‘tronics lab tomorrow. Each of us will be given an experiment and need to get the circuits right to proceed. Learning 14 freaking topics for 2 freaking marks.

To add to this mess, I’m currently on antibiotics AND pain killers for my wound [which by the way, hasn’t healed much & according to the doc, the internal blood clot has started spreading (?)]. The blueness is turning into purpleness =P

& tomorrow happens to be the last official working day of college! Never realized amidst all the mess!! First semester just flew by!~


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