First day of college: 
Half an hour early in the class.
New faces. Confused, Scary [this is PESIT for God’s sake! =P] looks.
Got lost on the way to Chem lab.
Found the Nescafe Coffee Cart too crowded and intolerable.
Felt odd and displaced in the Open Air Theater.
Too diffident to enter the canteen filled with seniors!
Silence in ‘the group’.
Went back home right after the classes at 3 pm.

Last day of first sem:
I was 10 minutes late for the exam today. The invigilator gave me “the look” when I entered the silent exam room. Worse, I had to borrow a pen from someone and she went- “This is an examination hall!!” True story =|

Confusion about a lot of things still prevails. BUT, “this is PESIT, LOL man!!”

Shortcuts to reach Chem and EC lab sooner!!

Spend 5 minutes of every break drinking coffee at Nescafe. Getting addicted to coffee BIG TIME.

Best place in college = OAT. Period.

Have masala dosas at canteen at least thrice every week!

Today, we had a great time Bowling, Hogging, Talking & Spending 3 freaking hours in a BMTC bus [201 = Bangalore Darshan] trying to get back to college. Walked in the open city roads at night. Tried to convince a guy to quit smoking [really]. Played Truth. Sang senselessly. Debated on things like education, dating & Op-Amp Summers and Subtractors =|

Shocking Conversation Examples:
“What is sorry?”
“A string of 5 characters”.
“No, its an array pointing to a string of 5 characters.

“How much did you score in T2?”
“I’m not telling.”
“How many time should I ask for you to tell!!?!”
Put it in a loop!

Finally reached home around 9 pm.


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