COMPLETELY unproductive day at college today. Moreover, the classes began from 10:45 AM. That in turn means I woke up at 9:30 AM or so, thinking about having a productive day. Electrical was OK. Only problem solving. We solve like, 2 problems in a class anyway. The 60 year old mechanical lady asked us to REVISE and ASK doubts. Some time went in figuring out Vapor Compression Refrigeration and Vapor Absorption Refrigeration. I don’t understand why everyone calls our Physics prof gay & cusses at him. He is actually really sweet IMO. Eco was free. YET AGAIN. That dude has lost hopes on teaching 18 year old engineering students about Apple prices and some damn utility thing.

Our college science fest poster totally sucks btw. Its ORANGE. And with a highly pixelated brain picture in the middle. Sometimes I feel I should totally come out of my closet in college. The low profile is depressing me. But again, I CHOSE for this.

I thought of one complete blog post while sleeping in today’s free eco class. I keep mind blogging.

I just installed Photoshop CS4. Now I will spend the rest 2 hours or so figuring out new stuff on it. I miss CS3. It was simpler.

I am also thinking of scrapping away the 52 weeks project set on flickr. Such a #FAIL. I realized I took more photographs without any pressure or bonds. I’m frustrated about ending this. Gww.

Sixpence None The Richer is SUCH A GREAT BAND.


2nd semester so far.

So yes. I suddenly had the urge to log into wordpress and WRITE. You know, just to let out everything that is on my mind right now. & there are a LOT of things happening in my grey cells at one time. So its kind of hard to follow ONE THING AT A TIME. & I have also realized that I tend to use caps lock in inappropriate places.

2nd semester began after a reeely short break in January 2010. It did not start of as smoothly as the first one for me. I started panicking about the internals and the quizzes right from week 1. It took almost 3 weeks for my dear friends to convince me to be “normal” and get back to REALITY. I had started to act like a half brained remote controlled robo. Or something like that :\

I guess it is all “ok” now. It feels hard to put all these in words.

Physics cycle is b.o.r.i.n.g. I enjoy physics and a part of math. I wonder why we have to study economics. The subject for me is bland and has more to memorize than I ever did after 10th grade. I turn into a bozo in the electrical lab yelling at my poor lab partners all the time. All the wires and switches makes me hazy. Engineering Drawing/Graphics puts me to SLEEP. There is NOTHING that I like about it. I spend hours just drawing thick lines, thin lines and arrows.

Some things have been VERY disappointing. I guess I’ll just move on and experience the rest of the time with the same silence and interest.