2nd semester so far.

So yes. I suddenly had the urge to log into wordpress and WRITE. You know, just to let out everything that is on my mind right now. & there are a LOT of things happening in my grey cells at one time. So its kind of hard to follow ONE THING AT A TIME. & I have also realized that I tend to use caps lock in inappropriate places.

2nd semester began after a reeely short break in January 2010. It did not start of as smoothly as the first one for me. I started panicking about the internals and the quizzes right from week 1. It took almost 3 weeks for my dear friends to convince me to be “normal” and get back to REALITY. I had started to act like a half brained remote controlled robo. Or something like that :\

I guess it is all “ok” now. It feels hard to put all these in words.

Physics cycle is b.o.r.i.n.g. I enjoy physics and a part of math. I wonder why we have to study economics. The subject for me is bland and has more to memorize than I ever did after 10th grade. I turn into a bozo in the electrical lab yelling at my poor lab partners all the time. All the wires and switches makes me hazy. Engineering Drawing/Graphics puts me to SLEEP. There is NOTHING that I like about it. I spend hours just drawing thick lines, thin lines and arrows.

Some things have been VERY disappointing. I guess I’ll just move on and experience the rest of the time with the same silence and interest.


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