“we now have black berries we rock”

I have DONATED so much money to the Bangalore Traffic Authorities from the last 3-4 months. Like as if I am the Only person who they find on the street. The first time I was very nervous and scared. I am not anymore. In fact, I am not even Close to feeling nervous about it anymore. It seems like the Bangalore Traffic Police have gotten up from a deep slumber all of a sudden. Till now, I have been “caught” for the following things:

  • Parking in no-parking area. [actually…parking right in FRONT of the “no parking” sign hehe]
  • “Skipping signal” in the words of the daaku police person.
  • Not wearing helmet.
  • Expired learning license [which is still not renewed ahem].
  • Almost got caught once when VJ, S and I went triples on the ring road!
  • & today, this dude tells me, “We don’t usually catch girls…even if you don’t have a license we let you go..BUT helmet is a MUST“. Then he inquired about my college, residential address and father’s work. I told him that my house is 3 minutes and 26 seconds from college so I thought I’d let go of wearing the helmet in this scorching heat for once. He said “sari hogi“[ok go].