Second Semester

Physics cycle was long and tiring. I am officially done with the classes and all that’s left now are the end semester exams [starting next Tuesday]. The last 4 months have been exciting, depressing and mostly unpredictable.

The semester began with the great auditions for dance, music and drama clubs of the college. The fact that I was being a mere spectator did not affect me as much as the fact that importance was not given to any other fields of activities. This apart, almost everyone in my group got hooked up with a girl or a boy and started being busy. Compared to the last semester, we did not get to hang out as much or go out as much as a group. This too did not bother me as I started to do a lot of things on a personal front.

One of the things that I will never forget is me being hospitalized. I had to miss a week of classes. My dad stayed up with me in the hospital, helping me eat, drink, talk and stuff. After 12  injections a day for 4 days, and with a lot of ‘yuck’ feeling in my mouth and in my body, I could finally talk with a normal voice, cough less and be normal again.

The highlight of this semester was Sequitur 2010, the annual Science Fest of our college. Till the N’th hour, I had not imagined my participation in the event would be *big*. After a lot of searching and begging for the science debate, Prakhar finally agreed to be my teammate. We chose the topic: “Genetically modified food should make its way into our diets“. I spoke FOR the topic and he spoke against it. After 3 days of procrastinating, we finally prepared our talks ON the day of the event. We made it to the final 5. We were given a topic on-spot in the final round [“Euthanasia and its moral implications“]. We as a team came 1st and I received “The Best Speaker” award. Speaking in front such a large audience in the auditorium and arguing about Death in the rebuttal round surely increased my overall confidence.  I also got paid for the professional photography work for the event! :P

The Labs. I think I slept through most of Drawing classes. Everybody did. A 60 year old lady talking about projection of points and lines seemed like a lullaby to everyone after the Lunch break. Physics lab was “bleh”. Electrical lab was fun! The best of all – Mechanical Workshop. I did complain and crib initially. Later, it became almost impossible to get the “duck tail joint” right. After taking up extra hours of workshop, I finally completed my models and boy, they fit!

One of the memorable days was when my friends and I bunked [they convinced me to] and went hiking somewhere on the outskirts of the city. We went on top of the hill and sat there forever. It was breezy and nobody even spoke. There was a lake below and a small elementary school behind, with kids running around. It was beautiful.

Utsav 2010 at BMSCE. I got to meet my school friends after a long long time. Came 2nd in the photog competition. Made friends with some bright media and design students [whom I also convinced to take part in BI2010, ahem]. For the first time I saw my mother realize that I was “actually” a grown up. I gave her all the money that I’d earned that month [around 4K!].

My 19’th birthday. My friends surprised me, really. They gave me a whole bunch of stationary items!! Best ever :D There were some embarrassing moments in the class every hour. Then a nice peaceful dinner with family, Rajasthani style. For the first time in my life, I did not BUY anything for myself on my birthday.

Aatmatrisha 2010. We finally witnessed the annual college fest [after all the talks by our seniors]. I must say, it was Grand. I had to miss out on the first 2 days as I was in Chennai. The last day was huge with JAL performance. Screamed, Laughed, Danced, Acted stupid and returned home at 10:30 pm with no voice.

Now I’m supposed to be preparing for the exams [which as you see, I’m not]. Over the last few months, I’ve come to like Electrical, Economics and bits of Mechanical Engineering. I want to survive Physics and Mathematics.

P.S. – There were also a HELL LOT OF other stuff which are wayyy beyond the scope of this blog.


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