A letter to my parents.

Dear Amma and Appa,

I have not been open to you. I find it hard to express myself with all the generation gap. I go ahead and try and act like a 2010 teenage girl. I am rebellious. I have probably lied to you many times. But deep down inside, I feel lucky and immensely proud to be your daughter. I know you’ve had a tough time fulfilling my needs. You have done everything to make me happy. You accept me for who I am. You have always supported me in everything I do. You may have, at times, imposed certain restrictions pertaining to my lifestyle and other things. I understand that it is “for my own good”.

Amma, I want you to know that I will try hard from my side too. I love you a lot more than you can imagine. We may not express ourselves like they do in the movies, but we both know how we feel on the inside. I would do everything I can to give you a happy ‘after-work’ life. To leave you with a happy home, with just all the little things you’ve always dreamt of having. I just want you to know one thing: your girl will find her way and you don’t have to worry.

Appa, You are always serious and quite. At the same time, you come up with some of the best jokes and stories. You have an amazing endurance power. I look up to your determination and strength. You taught me to go ahead and leap. To be brave. You’ve always given me more than what I need. I ask you for one chocolate and you give me 2. I hope to buy 2 dresses but you buy me 5. I don’t understand your way of ‘expression’. Why is it so hard to open up emotions freely? I love you as you’ve always always been there even when you were far away from home. I can secretly feel your sense of pride in me when among the outsiders. I love that we have such amazing striking similarities between us. You have taught me some of the life’s greatest lessons that I will NEVER forget. I will make you proud.

There is just soo much more to say to you both. I know you’ll understand all of it without me having to write or say.