My first stop motion.

This is all I’ve done since morning. Thus it deserves a special post on the blog. I’d always wanted to try it. I read around 10 tutorials everywhere on stop motion. My advice would be to follow any ONE only. You can get mixed up with different things easily.

The first step was to the decide the kind of stop motion. It is important to have ideas and implement them. I spent a lot of time in choosing an appropriate song. I just randomly happened to listen to this one on grooveshark today morning for the first time :P Its a very sad song to be honest. Like a mother singing to her child or something. Bleh.

So yeah, next was the set up. This was crazy. I didn’t have a blank page book so used a lame quality small ruled notebook. My handwriting sucks. I had to draw a 2 cm line and click. Elongate the line and click. This went on forever. I completely lost interest in the middle of the process [it was too monotonous].I almost put glitter on the camera too. Nearly killed myself for it. I used the 50mm prime lens with auto focus which made things a lot easier [it will be easier with a remote #justsaying].

There are many flaws in it too. I have missed out on 2 frames [heart picture] that skips continuity. The last line “where will you go?” actually belongs to the last stanza of the song which is not even included in 1 minute. I also misspelled “where” and couldn’t do anything about it. Correcting it would require deleting ~30 previous shots and doing it all over again from there. I didn’t have a music editor [or whatever its called] so I downloaded some cheap shit off the web and later realized it would do only half of the things I wanted as it was a free software. So I expanded the song to 2:14 to get 1:07 minutes while saving. Phew.

I used Windows Movie Maker to finally put ~280 shots together. Making a stop motion is time consuming. One needs to be patient all the while and not get upset by the result. A 3.5 hours attempt worth 280 shots gave me only a 1 minute video :-\


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