Lepakshi Photo Walk

I woke in the morning with a lot of excitement. Met Prashant at Vijaynagar at 7 [he was already there, waiting, surprisingly!]. We reached the station in 20 minutes and met others. As we walked towards platform No.2, a lot of folks joined in. We were 14 of us on our way to our first photo walk outside Bangalore city.

The train journey was fun. Arvind and Akshay discussed all Geeky stuff. People pulled their legs. I got ‘enlightened’ with all the talk. I learnt how to create HDR images. On the way, Zeeshan reminded us that it was exactly one year back that we’d been on our first photo walk to Lalbagh! [I can’t believe a whole year passed by! I remember making a post about our first photo walk!] We reached Hindupur at around 10:45. Hindupur is a small town in Andra Pradesh, around 120 kms from Bangalore. We walked till the main road to find some place where we could have breakfast. After some walking and searching, we fond this little joint sort of a place run by a couple who could speak Kannada and were happy to serve us Dosas, Idlis and Pulav.

Lepakshi is ~15 kms from Hindupur. We were waiting for a bus on the main road when someone randomly mentioned how much fun it would be if we climbed on top of the bus. Just then, an open matador passed by and Natesh with his amazing whistling skill stopped it. We climbed on it and had one of the most memorable, best rides of our lives. We passed by lakes [where we spotted many rare birds] and villages [where we merrily waved at the villagers].

We reached the famous Veerabhadra temple in a while. It was HUGE! And photography is allowed inside the temple premises so everyone shot happily. I personally loved the architecture and design of the place. It is spread out on a large area and there is ample space around. The ancient paintings on the roof are beautiful. We marveled the famous hanging pillars for a while. Arvind, the film maker, created stop motion and time lapse. He even showed it to us on spot on his Mac :D Everyone were impressed. We stayed in the temple premises for till around 3, shooting and talking. We came out and hogged on cucumbers and ice creams. We then walked towards the huge Nandi bull, made of a single granite stone.

We walked back to the main road [well, somewhat of a road] to get back to Hindupur. We wanted to catch the 3:30/ 3:45 train back to Bangalore. We took 2 open auto ricks. It was a bumpy ride, but fun. Everyone seemed high :-|

We reached the station in some time only to realize that we’d just missed the train to Bangalore. The next train was scheduled at 6:30 pm. We immediately took the same autos to the main bus stand and boarded a KSTRC. Everybody almost immediately fell asleep in the bus. Woke up after 2 hours and hogged on some junk. The awesome music on my phone entertained everyone on the way back :P

It was ~7 when we reached the Majestic bus stand. Everybody bid adieu to each other. Nishanth and I took a pre-paid auto and spoke about photo processing, lightroom, etc etc on the way back. I reached home within 40 minutes with a contented heart and mind.

Stay tuned to my flickr for more photographs from the trip & everybody’s pictures on our group pool.


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