“We can’t all be photographers, musicians and graphic designers when we grow up.”

I read a lot. Some people have lots to say.  Some say little bits in short beautiful sentences. Everyone wants to express. Nobody really cares how their opinion may affect or influence others. I think its a wonderful thing. I like all the openness and freedom.

I stumbled across a tumblr of a 17 year old American guy and this is what he had to say:

“We can’t all be photographers, musicians and graphic designers when we grow up.”

It obviously goes out to the western generation [I really don’t see many young Indian folks doing the same thing as them, but that just may be me]. My friends are busy learning physical theories and mechanical operations. That is a completely different story to get into. However, I want to address the statement made above for the lesser few of us who are into photography, music, designing, etc alongwith being caught up in the science web.

Dear fellow teen soul [above], when I first read your statement, it radiated negativity from all directions. It seems like an unpleasant thing to say to the hundreds of other aspiring young photographers, musicians and designers who are a little bit behind.  Your view is based on ignorant generalization that everyone doing it aims to make it their career in the future.

Yes, many people may do it because it is a huge ~trend~ right now. We do it not because we aim to earn our living by clicking pictures or producing tunes. We do it because that is our way of expressing ourselves. We don’t really care if you like it or not. We don’t care if nobody is ever going to like it. All we care for is having to let our emotions flow out through this medium. It is our way of a creative let out. Some people want to pursue a creative profession because its their passion. That doesn’t mean the ones doing it as a hobby are not passionate about it. People will always underestimate the importance of art as a professional field, may it be in any form. It is entirely an individual’s choice to become whoever the fuck they want to. Or at least aspire to.


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