Best Vacation Ever.

Alert: Long post ahead.

One day for college to begin. 2nd year of Engineering. I am still surprised how one year just passed by so soon. I know its cliched, but really. A lot of things have happened since then. Things about which I’ve already talked about here.

My vacation began from June 1st. I was initially very apprehensive about how I’d spend 2.5 months of time doing nothing. I wanted to make the most of it. I wanted to make it special. It went by very well, wayyyyyyyyy well than I’d imaged! This wouldn’t have been possible without certain people. All very kind and extremely supportive. I sometimes am amused by the help I’ve got from the people in my life. All strangers to me at some point!

~ I finally got a chance to buy my very own DSLR. One word: overwhelming.

~ Got to watch the whole of discovery Plant Earth series, Helvetica(!), Objectified, etc and read about Typefaces, Design and Photography. All thanks to Suyog. There is always something new and uplifting after every discussion and meeting. I am not even kidding, THE most inspiring person I have ever met in my life.

~ PESIT Photography Club. I started a college photog club. Got in touch with the director and he responded positively. A lot of things to be planned and executed. The facebook page has 100+ fans. I’m hoping this will go well for the next 3 years of my college life. Photography seems to be everyone’s new found passion all of a sudden!

~ IISc visit.

~ Yoga. After a lot of pestering from my mom, sister and music teacher, I had to sign up for a month long crash course in yoga. I had to wake up at 5:30 every morning. I don’t know. I just wasn’t comfortable listening to stereotypical discussions at that place. I know it would do me good and even help me with my wheezing problems, etc. But I wouldn’t do anything if I didn’t believe in it. At least as of now, no. I fell ill after returning form Mysore and gave up on it. I have an option of continuing the course now which I won’t be. I can’t handle another major time consuming thing in my life right now. 5:30 mornings are reserved for assignments and record writings.

~ Learning Light Painting and Stop Motion.

Work experience. I mostly did stuff at home but visiting them every week and having long random and non-random discussions was fun. I got to learn a LOT of things from them and be more open minded. Sandeep and PeeVee are two great people and really supportive. I can’t thank them enough. Sometimes, other people are more confident about you than you are about yourself. Its very strange.

Lepakshi Photo Walk. I have already written about this. This walk will be special for more than 3 reasons.

Mysore Trip. One word: Awesome!

~ Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk. I had an option of choosing between 2 places. One, Malleswaram, where all of my photography friends were going to. The walk was lead by Suyog and PeeVee, the location choice was excellent. Second, was BTM Layout. I chose the 2nd option. It was a challenge to be shooting in a metro highway area, with a lot of limitations. We did manage to explore the little cross roads and talk to a couple of workers there. I got an opportunity to shoot alone [even though in a group] and learn by myself. It was basically about going out there and doing things differently and seeing things on my own.

~ Shopping with mom. Not half as bad as I’d imagined it to be. Its actually fun. I’ve always ALWAYS shopped with my sister. This was my first time experience of shopping alone with mom [yes, after 19 freakin’ years!] I think since we both are straight to the point, I find it easy. We don’t spend too much time contemplating. Its simply like: “Like it? Buy it!”

~ Audible India. Nice and fun. Not just the podcasts but the whole process of making each episode. The long aimless skype conferences with the team and especially with this kid, who makes me feel old already. But yes, behind the scenes is always fun. Its like a whole team effort.

START Magazine Issue 1 release. What an experience! Again, I can’t thank my sister enough for this. She gave up on sleep for many days just so that we could go through the layout and design again and again. Her suggestions always work out. The issue has crossed 800+ hits now.

I know I have missed out on many things. I can’t write about them all here. This has gotten long already [ignore the typographical and grammatical mistakes, too long to proofread!]. So just for the record, BEST VACATION EVER!


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