One Week & One Day

I hate going to college on Saturdays. Yesterday was hell. It rained like crazy all day long. My friends bunked class and went out together. I didn’t want to bunk so I stayed in a tormenting Chemistry class watching the sky pour outside the window and thinking about all the fun they must be having. Then I had to walk till the parking lot all alone in the rain. I went home fully drenched. I love my mom so much, she’d boiled corn for me and also made hot steaming maggi. Yesterday was strange for so many reasons.

College has started to slowly sink in. I hardly get time to interact with any of you all, but that’s okay. Also, I helped out the college formula racing team (HAYA) guys in making their presentation. They gave me a Bournville in return (they are broke) which I cherished at different points of time today. We also had a photography club volunteer’s meet. Planning on a photo walk this weekend. I am not sure how well this will go. I have my doubts. It is sad that our club is not getting the recognition and support like other clubs in the college.

The classes are okayy. We were asked about our future aim, area of interest for research, etc and I was the ONLY person in the whole batch who said “I don’t know” for which I was given a 30 minute lecture on how it is important to have targets and goals in life (yes, it was embarrassing). I can’t believe I am the only person in my class who is clueless about everything, including my course, interest, etc. Just when I thought my life was screwed up, I applied for the Student Assistantship Program. The test went well (according to me) but I don’t think I will get selected. I spoke about a lot of things negatively and I don’t think my teachers will appreciate me bashing Mahatma Gandhi, Indian Government, Technological Advancement, etc in my test paper (It was a general test).

The teachers are not as bad as I had concluded on the first day. Some of them are very close minded and traditional (education wise) which I don’t really like. But that’s how it is everywhere I guess. Its time to stop depending on the goddamn educationists to come up academically, right? Some folks are real good though. The labs are fun. I wish we could perform the experiments individually. I get excited and ruin it for the team mates (I think).

So that pretty much sums up one week of my life. I am making a photo wall in my room and coming up with lots of new different ideas. I haven’t shot anything nice for a long time. I want to execute a lot of my ideas BUT there is just NO TIME to do it all.

Listening to this song all day long. Its the lyrics. Yes. Also updated my posterous with a lot of cool stuff. [check out the “WTF Should I Do With My Life?” site, I got some really strange options haha] ;-P


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