This morning, when I logged into gmail, I was quite hit by one of the mail that I received. It was from a person who’d been following START magazine from the start and now wanted to start her own e-zine. I felt quite uneasy at this point. I know I shouldn’t have. I mean, the main aim of START is to inspire people, right? I wasn’t expecting something like this though.

// You’ve actually inspired me to start a similar e-zine (featuring only writers as of now – I think that they are seriously under-rated and don’t have a good enough platform for their talent to be recognised … but I’m thinking of including people from other fields as well later on). //

START is like my baby. I am very possessive about it. And I know that there is nothing wrong in feeling this way – after all, I’ve worked my ass of to make every issue happen. Coordinating between artists, feeling the pressure in between tests and lab exams, staying awake late deciding fonts and colors, filling in one page at a time. It’s like I’m emotionally attached to it in a very different, yet, unique kind of a way. Is it wrong to feel the way I feel? Is is wrong to feel uncomfortable? Or – should I graciously accept this like a grown up, and wish her good luck? After all, it is for a good and sincere cause.


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