FB, BPC and Flickr.

It is really depressing to see what they’re doing to facebook. I understand that people will get over it soon enough  (just like the new twitter), but, this time it is really sad. Facebook as a whole has become so uninspiring these days. A couple of friend requests from strangers, 101 events and lame nonsensical status updates. The only reason I’m going to stick to it for a while is because of PIXELS andSTARTmag. Facebook is the source of 90% of the hits for these, and also a great way to communicate or pass on a message to a large group of people. It does nothing useful on a personal front. I mean, keeping in touch with your best friends through facebook is the same as not having spoken to them on the phone in a long time. Stalking them is not the same as ‘keeping in touch’.

So today I had my 2nd semester end exam. Bioprocess calculations is a subject that requires remembering a lot of things. And while writing the exam, you either know it or you don’t. There is no explaining or beating around the bush. It went ok I guess. I am not particularly fond of this subject (more because of the teacher – which is a cheap excuse for not liking a subject). But I know that I can handle BPC – part 2 in the 5’th semester. It is amazing when we realize that as we grow old, the amount of information that we can take in increases manifold. In high school, lets say, I spent 4 hours on 1 chapter. Now, I complete 2/3 chapters in the same time. And engineering is really not what it seems to be from the outside to a lot of people. Cutting off all the holidays and extra time, 4 years – 8 semesters can easily be finished within a duration of ~ 2.5 years!

My flickr pro account expires in 7 days. I am still not sure if I’m supposed to renew it. I don’t think I will. To be honest, I am now bored of doing the same thing again and again. What is the point of posting hundreds of portraits of random people on the streets? Without any story about them at that. It may do good to your collection, but it seems meaningless. I am now determined to experiment with other technical things that I never payed attention to before. I keep getting these ideas every now and then, but never the will to get to it. Maybe once things start falling into place, I will make time and mind.


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