3 States of India

List three countries states you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.

1. Rajasthan – For the palaces, sands, silhouettes, culture, food, colors and everything I’ve watched on television and web. If it’s anything like what I’ve seen, if it’s everything that made me gasp, I’ll be a happy person. Definitely one of the must visit states of India for me.

2. Kerala – So close yet so far. The backwaters, boat houses, vast seas, old traditions, rich temples and authentic meals! I’ll visit soon.

3. Uttarakhand – Though I’ve seen many places of Uttarakhand already, I’d like to visit them all once again, and experience it completely. The next time I go on a wild life safari at Corbett, I wish to spot tiger(s). I want to watch the Himalayas past the clouds from my window. River rafting, camping, and a whole lot of new set of adventures.

Other places in India that I really want to visit are Darjeeling, Andaman, Ladakh, Agra, Pondicherry, Coorg.

I see hundreds of beautiful pictures on flickr everyday (considering the amount of time I spend on browsing images), esp. pictures taken by people from other countries. And every time I wish I stayed in such a place too. I wish I had access to a forest or a river flowing in my backyard. I wish I could watch a million bokeh lights from the terrace. But to be honest, we have much more than that, don’t we? I mean, India is beautiful and has much more to offer. We may not live in a scarce place or in the cleanest of places, but if we travel and explore whats next to our towns and cities, maybe we’ll end up finding something more than what those digital images ever had. Maybe our images will actually mean something more than just a barren portrait of a young teenager standing by the sea watching the city lights far away. I don’t know. I want to travel the world and make beautiful memorable pictures too. It seems so silly and dumb writing all of this considering I’m not even 1% close to achieving what I want to. I don’t know.