Till a few months back, I believed that everyone who smoked was a bad person. Somewhere at the subconscious level, when I learn that a person is a smoker, everything associated with sadness and evil gets registered in my mind. In reality, I know that it isn’t true. Smoking is a personal choice. People do it for all different reasons, some happy and some sad. It’s definitely not a sin.

Last year, I got to know that one of my good friends in the group smokes. After a few days, I learnt that a few others in the group also smoke. I mean, our group in college consists of 8/9 folks out of which ~4 of them fag. How come I have never done anything about it? What am i supposed to do? I go around being a good girl, doing the right things, etc and can’t even change the mindset of my own good friends!

But should I tell them what’s wrong and what’s right? They already know it! They are engineering students for heaven’s sake. Students with a lot of problems. Smoking is just their way of releasing stress and calming themselves. So it really isn’t a bad thing, is it? They know that it hurts their lungs every time. A kind of hurt that has no pain. It’s their life, they can do whatever the hell they want to. To be judging them based on this fact would not be fair. I stood for euthanasia once upon a time (and still do). What’s the difference, really?


One thought on “Smoke.

  1. If “They know that it hurts their lungs every time” was the only truth, I would not have had any problems. The thing is, it hurts others’ lungs as well – read Passive Smoking.

    I know everyone dies, but those who die at young age of lung cancer, die a pretty terrible death, not for themselves alone, but their families as well.

    My two cents.

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