Guest Post: Push the Limits

If you are a regular reader/ onlooker of this space, you would’ve noticed the process of reinvention of the blog (and my blogging itself) that is happening. I am turning the tables to make things more interactive between me and you. Vivek (A Level Headed Idiot) has accepted my offer/ challenge to be the first guest writer for Priceless Junk! Show some love, will you? :)

*Drum Rolls!*

Disclaimer: This is the first time that I am writing a post outside of my domain. (Ok second. The first one was about this meet up which had to summarized in less than 100 words). The owner of this blog thinks that there is nothing worse that could happen to this supposedly dying blog. Until I took up this offer to write a guest post.

There was a time when I thought I had reached the limit of my capabilities. A time when I thought that my day job (a day represents a considerable portion of the, erm.., day!) was the only thing to worry about. That any investment of time should go into getting better at one particular field, in my case, getting better at the only thing I thought I was decent at, which is programming. (Hey, don’t look at me like that! Software development is a good profession). Then I became a victim beneficiary of social networking. I found awesomeness all around me. Not so famous, yet talented people showcasing their wares. Flickr streams, blogs, sound cloud streams etc. These were common people doing extra ordinary things. I wondered how this was possible.

The realization struck me that these folks pushed the limits. They knew that they had to go that extra step to become better at what they were doing. Putting in that one more hour of work before going to sleep. Testing their own boundaries. Making an attempt to pursue what they are passionate about.

Then I realized that I wasn’t passionate about anything. Except my work. But then, when was the first time I tried something else? When that step started, I realized that I could do myself proud, no matter how mediocre the efforts are in the eyes of the others. Blogs happened. Photography happened. Reading happened. Having opinions about things around me and things that interest me happened. A more meaningful existence happened.

I understood why I liked the things I liked.

I like Opeth’s music because they come up with the most unexpected stuff each time. Surpassing the boundaries of awesomeness they create for themselves each time.

I like Manchester United because most times they are written off, they come back. Often from hopeless situations.

I like programming because every time people think that the limit with respect to complexity has been reached, a new language comes around which packs in more power.

I like sleeping because every time you think that you have had enough sleep, you still yearn for that extra 5 minutes of it.

I like things which are about pushing the limits.

PS : I took up the challenge of writing this because I wanted to push myself a bit to write something with a set deadline.
PPS : Look for inspiration around you. You will find a lot of examples of limits being pushed.
PPPS : Sorry for a philosophical post. I wanted to test myself on whether I could write such posts.
PPPPS : Sorry for too many “I”s in this post. Neither am I related to Apple’s CEO in any way nor am I a fan of their brand of innovation.
PPPPPS : Thanks for reaching this point. It means that you either read the whole thing or scanned for any PS-es.

CLT  : Enigma – Push the Limits


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