A fresh start.

Fourth semester officially ended with a final lab exam yesterday. With this, I complete two years of engineering at PESIT. I can’t come up with appropriate words to describe my life here over the last couple of months. Fourth semester was HUGE in terms of academic and non-academic achievements/works/experiences. Yes, I have started to organize my life calendar of events according to semesters. It’s easier to remember things this way. A few months ago, I felt that I’ve outgrown this blog and stopped writing. Now I realize all the disastrous/joyful moments that I’ve missed recording.

Urban Bengaluru happened in March. I’m glad I went ahead with it – in the middle of college (being good with the balancing and all). Working with Fabian and the 4 other selected participants was wonderful! I had a whole day to shoot with him in the first week. We went around many areas of the city – and I had a great time interacting with him. I was very curious about his life and work (what is it to be a ‘journeyman’?). 2 weeks is a lot to describe. The workshop ended with a grand exhibition and (my favourite -) a global pecha kucha night. I was overwhelmed to find my friends from college and the first members of the B’lore Photo Walk group at the show. I loved giving the 20×20 format presentation too. It was my first non-academic presentation. (The facebook album).

Winning at Confluence 2011 on my 20’th birthday was special. P and I spent a lot of time researching on applications of nanotechnology in the field of  oncology from the end of 3rd semester. We got a chance to presented a review paper on the same at BMS. We both have been debate partners since the first year, but this was the first time we did something related to academics. Our second presentation was at a national level conference at MVJCE where we got pwned by all the seniors and PhD students. It was expected but the exposure we got there was brilliant. Travelling to the place alone took us 3 hours. On the way, we met the ‘bio boy’ from SIT Tumkur – who’d won like ~14 paper presentations since his 2nd semester! Whew.

Had some of the least interesting subjects (like thermodynamics and bioenergetics & metabolism). Done with mathematics for now. Found a new interest in molecular biology. Finally got into the student assistantship program (yes, the one which I have cribbed about before). But after getting in, I was withdrawn and wanted to quit within weeks. You may say something was seriously wrong with me. It was something that I wanted since a year, and when I finally got in, my routine changed and I started to develop a disinterest towards the subject itself. Sometimes, it is better to be an outsider and enjoy things rather than get into it. Funny and strange how things change. The money that I got every month made up for all the discomfort though :-P

There is so much more, but this is all I can think of now. Last year’s vacation was VERY productive. This year’s is going to be better. Super excited for the next 2.5 months!