I feel strongly about education. Sometimes, for no apparent reason. The thing is, I have never really had any “academic dreams” in my life from the beginning. Everything that I have studied so far has happened by chance. I was never desperate to get a particular stream or college, even. It all “just happened” and I went with the flow. I always remember what my mom used to tell me – “Be thankful for whatever you get to do in life, and give your best in that”. So basically, I start liking a particular topic/subject of my course and proceed in that direction. I’ve come to like many things in this process and have always tried to learn more about them outside the mainstream education.

I have also realized something about myself – I will never feel tired or bored of my mainstream life because I always have other things to do on the side that makes me tremendously happy and lightens up everything. It’s like my life right now. While all my peers are interning at different places and taking up extra credits in college, I am here dreaming about all the travelling that is going to happen in the next 6 weeks. One can always work and study, but nothing beats an experience like this. Also, I have 2 years to go. So I’m just going to go wherever life takes me and not regret it one bit.


6 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. In most cases we end up where we are by chance – where a series of activities or events one after another bring us to where we are. I have numerous examples in my life where by accident I have achieved something good. Isn’t that just the beauty of life……

  2. Way to go! You know you do all this to put it on the resume, just once. And when you make it again the next time, there isn’t enough space for all the tiny detail. You will be way better of experiencing life. Carpe diem!

  3. Just read a comment by you on a blog that says, “Bangalore is the only city in India with maximum number of temples, mosques, churches &
    gurdwaras.”. Did you try to verify this or just said this coz you love Bangalore? :)

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