last few days in pictures

From 40 C to 25 C (plus rain!) was a pleasant change, especially after 22 hours of sitting in an upright position in artificial atmosphere. I woke up to the sounds of dogs barking, scooters accelerating, yelling vegetable vendors, steel vessels and dad’s daily dose of vishnu sahasranama after catching sleep for only a couple of hours in the morning. Images from the last 2 days below:

I left with a single bag 50 days back and returned with 2 bags yesterday. It surprised me how all the luggage could be unpacked and sorted within minutes. The real cleaning and sorting begins tomorrow, with a newfound love & respect for personal possessions.


all my bags are packed, i’m ready to go

What has been another wonderful vacation has come to an end. I have one day more here and then it’s St.Louis to New York to Paris to Bangalore! I hope getting back to college will be different (and better) this time. I should probably stop thinking about it and just let things happen by itself. The last 50 days were a blast (more than what I’d expected). Some usual and unusual memories (in no particular order):

  • Thai, Peruvian, Italian, Chinese, Indian fusion, Mexican, French cuisine.
  • MacBook Pro!! With free 100$ to use on the app store + free HP wireless printer….STOKED!
  • New York City.
  • Monsanto.
  • Standing at the bottom of the majestic Niagara falls. The permanent rainbow.
  • Sky deck at Willis tower at Chicago 1053ft high. City skyline in the night.
  • July 4’th fireworks in New Jersey.
  • Getting a feel of the university life at Madison, Wi.
  • Biking in Washington DC.
  • Smithsonian Air and Space, and the Natural History museums.
  • Learning to read the map and navigate. Traveling by subway in NYC and metro in DC.
  • Sitting by lake Michigan and dreaming about owning a boat some day.
  • HARRY POTTER 7 in 3D! Waiting in the queue for 2 hours wearing a slytherin T-shirt and feeling joyous after getting out of the theatre.
  • Watching ZNMD in a house full theatre and repeatedly making fun of Abhay Deol.
  • City museum at mid night with torch lights, hanging on ropes, exploring the ‘enchanted caves’ and sliding down from 10 stories. World’s largest pencil.
  • Sunset by Creve Coeur lake.
  • Shopping! Spending hours at malls.
  • Lego store at Times square. MINDBLOWN.
  • NYPD officers on horses.
  • Ferry ride to statue of liberty and Elis island.
  • World Trade Center memorial.
  • Baking chocolate fudge with vanilla frosting and peach topping.
  • Saint Louis County library.
  • Forest park, science center, anheuser busch, zoo, grant’s farm, hobby lobby.
  • ..

a few thoughts

Today, I finally found some time to sit under the yellow lamp in an empty room and check mail, facebook and blog. It is currently 10:58pm and the AC vent is targeting the cold air directly at me. It has been extremely hot outside from the past few days and every time I step out I remember Bangalore’s weather and feel good about being able to get rid of the tan soon.

It is the longest that I have been away from my mother and now I realize how much of her actions actually make my day unconsciously. Not just cooking, but other little things that I have ignored all this while. My sister and her husband have graciously given me space in their lovely home. It seems different to be experiencing other people’s everyday personalities and lifestyles so closely. My sister has been more of an alternate mother figure to me than a sibling, and though I have known her for quite a few years now (from when I developed real senses), it feels weird to see her as a wife. And by watching and analyzing many things (in my head), I become more sure of what or who I want to become and the kind of life that I want to create for myself.

I wish I had some big words to describe New York city and Washington DC, but I don’t. Madison, the college town was amusing. I also learn’t that most of the college towns here have a similar feel to them. I met more positive people here in the ‘bio field’ who were very confident about what they did and their future. The way subjects and streams are perceived here is very different from the narrow minded views of the people from India.