the road trip

13 days, 12 states, what fun and good experience!


7 thoughts on “the road trip

  1. If you discount being there by train, I haven’t been to 12 states of India also. :P I counted 7.

    Anyways, road trips are fun. But, if one gets too excited about how much fun it is going to be, god interferes and causes some kind of difficulty inducing stress. But, then whatever happens good or bad, things like these remain in the memory. And, what may seem frustrating during the trip will seem hilarious, years later when you reminisce about it.

    • Madison, Chicago, Cleveland (pitstop), Niagara, Rochester (pitstop), New Jersey, New York City, Washington DC, Pittsburg were the main places.

    • Oh wow that’s nice! I have seen only Karnataka, a part of Uttarkhand, Chandigarh, a part of Punjab, Delhi, Chennai and Bombay.
      Rajasthan and Kerala are on my must see list!

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