a few thoughts

Today, I finally found some time to sit under the yellow lamp in an empty room and check mail, facebook and blog. It is currently 10:58pm and the AC vent is targeting the cold air directly at me. It has been extremely hot outside from the past few days and every time I step out I remember Bangalore’s weather and feel good about being able to get rid of the tan soon.

It is the longest that I have been away from my mother and now I realize how much of her actions actually make my day unconsciously. Not just cooking, but other little things that I have ignored all this while. My sister and her husband have graciously given me space in their lovely home. It seems different to be experiencing other people’s everyday personalities and lifestyles so closely. My sister has been more of an alternate mother figure to me than a sibling, and though I have known her for quite a few years now (from when I developed real senses), it feels weird to see her as a wife. And by watching and analyzing many things (in my head), I become more sure of what or who I want to become and the kind of life that I want to create for myself.

I wish I had some big words to describe New York city and Washington DC, but I don’t. Madison, the college town was amusing. I also learn’t that most of the college towns here have a similar feel to them. I met more positive people here in the ‘bio field’ who were very confident about what they did and their future. The way subjects and streams are perceived here is very different from the narrow minded views of the people from India.


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