all my bags are packed, i’m ready to go

What has been another wonderful vacation has come to an end. I have one day more here and then it’s St.Louis to New York to Paris to Bangalore! I hope getting back to college will be different (and better) this time. I should probably stop thinking about it and just let things happen by itself. The last 50 days were a blast (more than what I’d expected). Some usual and unusual memories (in no particular order):

  • Thai, Peruvian, Italian, Chinese, Indian fusion, Mexican, French cuisine.
  • MacBook Pro!! With free 100$ to use on the app store + free HP wireless printer….STOKED!
  • New York City.
  • Monsanto.
  • Standing at the bottom of the majestic Niagara falls. The permanent rainbow.
  • Sky deck at Willis tower at Chicago 1053ft high. City skyline in the night.
  • July 4’th fireworks in New Jersey.
  • Getting a feel of the university life at Madison, Wi.
  • Biking in Washington DC.
  • Smithsonian Air and Space, and the Natural History museums.
  • Learning to read the map and navigate. Traveling by subway in NYC and metro in DC.
  • Sitting by lake Michigan and dreaming about owning a boat some day.
  • HARRY POTTER 7 in 3D! Waiting in the queue for 2 hours wearing a slytherin T-shirt and feeling joyous after getting out of the theatre.
  • Watching ZNMD in a house full theatre and repeatedly making fun of Abhay Deol.
  • City museum at mid night with torch lights, hanging on ropes, exploring the ‘enchanted caves’ and sliding down from 10 stories. World’s largest pencil.
  • Sunset by Creve Coeur lake.
  • Shopping! Spending hours at malls.
  • Lego store at Times square. MINDBLOWN.
  • NYPD officers on horses.
  • Ferry ride to statue of liberty and Elis island.
  • World Trade Center memorial.
  • Baking chocolate fudge with vanilla frosting and peach topping.
  • Saint Louis County library.
  • Forest park, science center, anheuser busch, zoo, grant’s farm, hobby lobby.
  • ..

2 thoughts on “all my bags are packed, i’m ready to go

  1. COOL. You are a new Priya… with hella lotta experience from the US. I feel jealous now…that i dont have a sister or bro or a relative in the US to take me on such a LONG trip… or Dont have so much TIME to do so…


    • Thanks for the welcome PeeVee!
      One doesn’t need to have brothers or sisters to travel around. One only needs to have reliable friends & contacts ;-)

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