Lalbagh Independence Day flower show 2011

It was decided almost instantaneously today morning to visit Lalbagh with grandmom to check out the 100’th annual Independence Day flower show. I had been there last year at the exact same time and thus knew what kind of an exhibit to expect, but it was different for my grandmom as she was witnessing this flower feast only after many years. Being a gardening enthusiast, I was sure that she would enjoy it. This year, the horticulture department has put up a 20 feet high and 30 feet wide replica (decked with white roses) of the famous Lotus Temple (Delhi) in the glass house. Apart from this creation, there were many many varieties of flowers from different parts of India and the world- just like every year.

I just don’t understand why they chose to create the Lotus Temple this time. Not that there is anything wrong in it, but I would have liked to see something more relevant to the city being displayed instead. I would have preferred gasping at a structure that is symbolic to Bangalore. Not necessarily an architectural monument, I’m sure one can bring out the city’s essence in other ways too.

Turns out the show was not exclusive to flowers only. There were a lot of stalls outside the glass house where all sorts of items were being sold. From seeds to decorative lamps and herbal products, etc were showcased, just like in a fair.

I wish to go there next year as well. Not because of the flowers, but because I feel that I should be a part of something that has been organized for the people of this city, and which has a lot of work gone into it by non-mainstream folks. It’s like doing my bit to show them some appreciation. After all, Bangalore is not very community focussed and such rare unique events reminds us about the city we belong to.


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