Facebook: Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

Let’s face it: Facebook is a drug. Once you’re hooked, it’s hard to leave. But recently, it’s become a huge mess with N customizations and features. I’d give up Facebook gladly if I could. Really. When a friend recently announced that he’d completely deleted his account, I was the only one who envied him with all my heart. Oh, what a free life he would lead! No more updates, e-mails, stupid tags and obligatory friendships! The only reason why I am still sticking on is for the 2 pages that I run. One, the PESIT Photography Club page (I don’t really “run” it anymore as the other members have taken over it – for which I am very glad and thankful for, but I’m curious to see what’s happening, etc) and the other of course- the START magazine page. It is important to have a regular audience for any initiative to be recognized. It would be very difficult to spread word about every new issue and updates without it.

Facebook (or any other social networking website for that matter) can be used wisely if you know how to take advantage of it and not get sucked into it’s mesmerizing stalky behavior. The best thing I did was to disable my wall and tagged photos. I also disabled anyone from tagging me in images and posts. This reduced the number of spam e-mails and kept my personal life intact to an extent. Now, I get to share whatever I want with only a certain set of people. It has also been much of a pain with plagiarism and other issues. I’ve had some person use my photo as her profile pic (O__o) and she simply refused to take it down. Reporting the profile/photo didn’t help either.

In today’s times, I feel it is important to get your work recognized among your peers and seniors. How else would anyone select you to take photographs for their cultural event? Or, how else would anyone get to know that you won the first place in debate and invite you to their marketing team? How else would anyone offer to collaborate with you in their future project? It is also one of the easiest (and free) medium to communicate with people – all at once. I could easily get in touch with folks working on a project similar to mine and interact with them through messages. It is necessary to know where to draw the line though, and to realize that it is what you make of it instead of what you give to it. So yeah. I could go on and on but you get the point.

P.S. – I participated in a debate regarding Facebook last semester in college- most of the points here are taken from it. This was written randomly after I saw the f8 conference. It would be interesting to see how the world evolves with Facebook. And people’s reactions are always priceless! I’d like to be the silent watcher of the future events. 


11 thoughts on “Facebook: Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

  1. You are right Facebook is like a drug and extremely time consuming. Everytime I have nothing to do, I end up logging into Facebook. So these days every time I feel like I am getting addicted to it, I deactivate my Facebook for a few weeks. This brings me back on track and helps me focus on my priorities. But there are some people out there who can live without food but not Facebook lol nice post. Funny that I posted about Facebook on my blog today as well.


  2. Great post, Priya. It is true that Facebook is becoming part of people’s lives (well, almost). Yes, Facebook can be used wisely when people consider the pros and cons of using a social networking site.

  3. Bad that we can’t do anything about it, but I’ve always disliked frequent changes in Facebook. The most recent change comes as a big pain for me. I’m sure overdoing this will one day result in losing people’s interest in Facebook. One day people will realize. It’s just taking time is all.

  4. I was also addicted to facebook some days ago, then I realised that I have been wasting time over there, One day I deleted my dacebook account permenantly! I canot get it back now even if I wanted. And BTW, another girl using your pic as her profile pic was a honour actually. I mean people use posters of heros/heroins as their profile pic :P

  5. It is becoming everything apart from what it should have been.
    Facebook as a concept is very simple; something like an elaborate autograph book. *If you choose*, you can still keep it that way. But unfortunately, the FB tide is too strong for many to keep themselves from being washed off.
    May their minds not rust in it!

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