Thank You, Steve.

I was woken up at 6 am today morning by a phone call from my sister. “Steve Jobs died!” came the voice from the other end.

Saying something profound seems silly now, after the insane number of tweets and status updates overflowing on the web. I have been an apple / Steve Jobs fan only from a few recent years unlike other geeks out there. But that’s the beauty of it all – you don’t have to be a computer science geek or a technology freak to appreciate and like apple. Steve Jobs made me realize that good simple technology is for everyone. I don’t have to belong to a clichéd tech community to talk about it and that feels good. I remember my first iPod – a silver shiny nano which I got at 10’th grade. What a minimal user interface and yet so powerful! Another memorable incident was my sister teaching my dad how to use an iPhone. “Just touch whatever you want to see, it opens”. Needless to say that he spent the whole day fiddling with it. My parents can now video chat with her and relatives just by clicking on the FaceTime button on the screen. No more wires to fix and control panels to open to figure out how to enable the microphone, webcam and headphones. How can technology be made so simple? Thanks to him, undergrad students now talk about entrepreneurship and new ideas. I’d been silently dreaming about a MacBook pro from a long time. Finally, when it was time to buy it, my BIL asked me why I’d decided to go for an apple product and not any other laptop. I would get a better laptop for high configurations at the same price. I might have seemed like being a trend follower at that time, but I’ve grown into it since then. You have got to use it to truly appreciate it’s effects on you.

It is extraordinary how so many people are thinking and talking about one man at this moment. It is great to sit and read all about it. Finally, thank you Steve, for that Stanford commencement speech.


6 thoughts on “Thank You, Steve.

    • Shocked? Wasn’t it expected? We just wished he could live a little longer, didn’t realize it could happen so soon! Will read your post, thanks for the comment :)

  1. Whether you consider him a brilliant man or a capitalist pig doesn’t even matter. (Sad, the state of some of these posts and videos being put about about Jobs’ death.) The fact of the matter is that he was an extremely important person, and death at age 56 just makes it seem like he was cut off right as he hit his stride.

    WHat would he have done during the next 20 years? Sad.

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