Deepavali 2011 and the changing times.

Deepavali 2001

Woke up at 5:30am to join the kids army of the colony to burst the loudest patakas to wake up the locality with a bang. Beginning of the most awaited festival. Prepared for it from days before by buying huge boxes of fancy crackers, new clothes and sweets. Spent the entire day on the streets blocking vehicles and hopping from one neighborhood to another. Consumed so many sweets given at every house. Twilight meant lighting diyas and arranging them on compound and all around the house. Collecting dry fruit boxes and diaries that mom got at work. After the day’s excitement, spent the last hours on the terrace watching the night sky dazzle with delightful rockets.

Deepavali 2011

Woke up at 9:30am to the sound of a cracker burst by a dude somewhere far away in the locality. Had breakfast while watching national news on television. Had a single piece of cashew burfi. Spent the rest of the day working on project, tweeting, reading and sleeping. Sat by the window and watched heavy rain and thunderstorms in the skies while sipping tea. Skipped lunch. The sun will set in a couple of hours and I’m going to light as many diyas as I can and decorate the house, to keep a small part of the old times alive in my life. Also, if it doesn’t pour again tonight, I plan to stay in the terrace on a floor mat, covered up in a blanket and stare at the night sky forever, probably thinking about how Deepavali 2021 will turn out to be.


15 thoughts on “Deepavali 2011 and the changing times.

  1. My deepavali 2001:
    Burst tons of crackers, skip around Bangalore, call all neighbors, create a fuss, celebrate again with family, stare starry-eyed at the “big people” pull off brave feats of throwing rockets into the sky, feel young and energetic, watch the coconut tree get burnt with thrill instead of fear, munch on sweets, feel royal in new cloths.

    My deepavali 2011:
    Wake up to a terrible, terrible sun that feels like in the middle of the desert. Skip class to study. Study 11 hours, with breaks to facebook and tweet. Go the freezer and learn that they’s no food and that you’re in no mood to cook. Go to McD, get french fries and eat it all alone on a wet park bench because it’s cooler under the hot sun instead of inside. feel stupid and pointless. Not one person in your surroundings knows what deepavali is. Don’t talk to room-mate. Study more. Sleep, just going to catch 4 hours of sleep before exam time in an insanely hard college.

    Deepavali is out of my life.
    You are so lucky. :’)

    • Aw! All the best for the exam. If you can make it to the insanely hard college, I’m sure you can crack the shit out of it’s exam too :-)

      BTW, ditto with that coconut tree thing.

      Sending some warmth of the lamps along your way!

  2. I’m getting confused. Is it Deepavali, or Deewali? I’ve always seen it Deewali on Indian television channels. However, in Bangladeshi media it is called Dipabali.

    • EDIT: Deepavali is a Sanskrit term, whereas Diwali is the general Hindi word. Also, “Deepa” means light in Kannada.

      (From Wiki, The name “Diwali” is a contraction of “Deepavali”, which translates into “row of lamps”.)

      Hope it’s clear now :)

      • No. why o why…tell me why o why is Deepavali a south Indian term?- with tons of emphasis!
        I generally do not comment on your blog at all but this is insane. If Deepavali is a Sanskrit term then it is simply a “Sanskrit term”.
        The northern part of India is not deprived of the language and Hindi is derived from Sanskrit mostly, like any other language in India, so it does have a lot of mutual words.
        Why does the geographically distributed directions find their way into representing “INDIANS”?
        Sajib: Diwali is the hindi term for the Sanskrit word Deepavali. That being the only difference.

  3. diwali..woke up..checkd facebook , and saw a random happy diwali message..put it up on my fb as my status message…5 hrs laters my mom tells me tat diwali is the next day..breathed a sigh of relief that m not missing it yet…woke up the next day ..met one indian from the whole lot , and he wished me , at 8 :30 in the night .. dint make any effin diff whether it was diwali or not …. in the middle of all this , my cousin kept putting up pictures of all the diwali delicacies that they made at home …all that was left to do was drool and whine…

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