about my camera

I have a confession to make. My camera died two weeks back during the Pondicherry trip. The waves of the sea washed away my bag (which was safely kept far away just so you know) and everything in the bag got wet – along with my mobile phone and camera. I cried myself to sleep the next few days. I didn’t have the nerve to discuss it on the web so I just let it be. I felt that the news would hurt the people who made it possible for me. This is my first digital SLR camera and is the most special gadget that I’ve ever owned till date. Many memories are attached with it. It was something that I earned for myself, if I can say so. I remember the day I bought it with my dad. I remember everything – the past and the present associated with it. How many months I had waited for it! And all those moments and experiences of shooting with it!

I gave it for servicing today. It must be in working condition in 2 weeks, according to the confident service person at Canon. “I’ve repaired many big cameras which were drowned in oceans before, this will be ok madam” he said. For him, it is just another camera and another lens. For me, it is a dream turned into reality.

They say that if you lose something, you realize the worth of it. This is just like that. I don’t know if I should feel ashamed or guilty. That day on the beach, it was like I didn’t deserve a vacation. My friends’ phones got screwed too, but nothing even remotely comes close to this. I will NEVER EVER take a camera to the beach again! I am so glad that it’ll be alright. I have learnt my lesson. My sister always used to shout at me “you don’t respect the things that you have”. This keeps echoing in my mind every time something crappy like this happens or every time I buy something. While coming back home, dad told me that all gadgets get conked during their lifetime. It’s a part of the entire ‘gadget owning’ experience. After all, they’re just inanimate things. Good part is that they can be fixed.


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  1. i guess it wud happen to me if i wer in ur positino too.. i lost my point and shoot once , and i was going crazy…tat was the first time ever that i did everything to ensure that i hadnt lost it entirely….i called up every place i had been that day to locate it and then managed to get it back…i think i remeber something bout a twitter conversation around tat time …so wer u lying to suyogg wen u wer talking bout not taking pics of the metro ? :D

    • Oh losing is even worse than this! It’s more difficult to get it back once lost. At least in my case, I can hope for it to make it work again..
      I was not lying at all. I really didn’t want to take photographs of metro.

  2. One is only human. Losing your medium of expression is a huge price to pay for carelessness. Any degree of carelessness. And yours was not a very careless case, by what you are telling. Good to know that you didn’t have to wait much in order to get it back. :)

    I once lost a notebook along with some clothes, (in a train of all places) where i had written around 150 pages in a matter of two months. Monetarily, it was nothing- but still, a very big emotional shock for me. I went to the dock and searched 4-5 bogeys of that train where I could have possibly sat. Didn’t find. Till date, I didn’t tell anyone at home about it. Blogged about it though, back in the times.

    • Yes, I’m so glad that it is going to be alright :’-)

      Oh that must have been a bad experience. I would go MAD if I lost my diary amongst friends and family.

  3. i think your dad is right… it’s just a part of the gadget owning experience.. hope your camera gets fixed soon..
    my sister says the same thing to me.. i once broke the screen of my lappy by picking it up carelessly and once broke the screen of my phone when it fell out of my pocket… can’t say it changed me for very long though :P

    • Dads are always right, aren’t they? They just know what to say at the right time. And also, sisters!
      Haha be careful with the current screens of all the gadgets that you own.

  4. I’m also waiting for someday to come when I’ll get a DSLR camera as well. Yes, I’m waiting for it. But it’s not the most expected gadget in my life. The most expected gadget in my life is Macbook Pro, which I haven’t got. But I managed myself to ‘earn’ a laptop computer. I’m so fan of a laptop computer that the day I bought my Asus laptop I felt like a dream came true. The difference is I still try my best to keep it safe by not taking it everywhere I go (which I thought I would before I bought it). But in case of a camera, you can’t really do that. To take pictures, you have to take this thing with you. I think you should take camera to beaches again to take more pictures. The only thing you shouldn’t have done was leaving the camera alone.

    • Exactly. Camera needs to be taken everywhere, in all conditions, for the photographs. It’s risky, but worth it. I think I will take my camera to the beaches again, and be more careful. Thanks..
      And I hope you get your dream gadgets soon :)

    • I think I learnt quite a lot from this experience. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have really known it’s meaning. And haha, what’s with Rashmi? Why?
      Oh yes, I will take it to the beach again. And I’m going to stay as far from the water as possible :-\

  5. Once my camera got drenched, when I visited Jog Falls. It remained dead for 2.5 years, till I met someone who promised to fix it. It took him extra effort, but he did live up to his word. :-)

    Wish you good luck, hope your camera comes back soon. I wonder how you’d be resisting the urge of not clicking photographs every now and then. :)

      • I recently got a new digital camera. In 3 days I clicked 340+ photos. The most fun I had in a long time. Sadly my cell phone is feeling aloof – didn’t even charge it even once since then!
        So yeah, even though the fun isn’t the same, good luck with cell phone photography. Hope you get some good ones. :)

  6. Awww! I’ve lost my phone once, and telling other people about my stupidity was indeed the worst bit (next to registering a police complaint about it).
    Hope your camera comes back as good as new. It was a good friend.

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